The Last Hundred Ensemble

Juan Trigos
Composer and Conductor
Artistic Director and
Principal Conductor of TLH Ensemble

Creator of the concept Abstract Folklore. Among his most significant compositions include five Operas, four Symphonies, three Cantatas, Concertos for several instruments, diverse chamber music and for solo instruments. His music has been performed in many cities and countries of Europe, America (North, Central and South) and Japan. As a conductor he has specialized in XX Century and Contemporary music. He has commissioned, premiered, promoted, and recorded an extensive catalogue of works with numerous choirs and orchestras around the world. Currently he is Music Director and Principal Conductor of Sinfonietta MIQ. He was also Music Director and Principal Conductor of the Oaxaca and Guanajuato Symphonies, Orquesta de Cámara del INBA and Principal Conductor of the Easman BroadBand Ensemble. His last two monographic Cds are dedicated to his symphonic music (iTinerant 2015 and 2016). Including three of his Concertos (clarinet, four guitars and piccolo), Symphony n. 4 Nezahualcoyotl Icuicahan (Chants of Nezahuacoyotl) and the Ballet Sansón (suite). His experience as composition teacher includes have been assistant of Franco Donatoni. As a highly distinguished composer, he has been invited by the Eastman School of Music as the Howard Hanson Visiting Professor 2017. Currently he is member of Sistema Nacional de Creadores de Arte (Mexico).

Federico Bonacossa
Guitarist & Composer
Artist Liason of  TLH Ensemble

Federico Bonacossa is a composer and classical guitarist based in Miami Florida. He studied classical guitar at the Conservatorio Statale G. P. da Palestrina in Italy before moving to the U.S. in 2001. He holds a master’s degree from the Peabody Conservatory, a doctorate from the University of Miami in classical guitar performance, and a master’s degree from Florida International University in composition and electronic music. His recent work as a composer explores various forms of interaction between live performers and the computer, the relationship between pitch and rhythm, and the transcription of spontaneous vocal gestures with the aid of the computer. He is the company composer for Dance NOW Miami and is a member of the Miami Guitar Trio. As a performer he is involved in promoting new music for guitar, especially works that feature electronics. Recent experiences include performances at the Fillmore Blackbox Theater, Subtropics Festival, Mainly Mozart Festival, New Music Miami Festival, Compositum Musicae Novae, USF New Music Festival, Electronic Music Midwest Festival in Kansas City, Contemplum symposium in Philadelphia, Kendall Sound Arts, 12 Nights Electro-acoustic Series, the Miami World Music Festival, the Miami Dade College On Stage Series, the Miami International Guitar Festival, Guitar Sarasota, the Miami Bach Society, the State College of Florida, the Bass Museum of Art, the Scuola Civica di Musica in Olbia, Italy, the Sephardic Jewish Synagogue in Lima, Peru, and a live concert for WLRN. He is currently Instructor of Music Theory and Musicology at Florida International University.

Daniela D’Ingiullo
Producer of  TLH Ensemble

Artist dedicated to the ancient vocal repertoire, twentieth century and contemporary classical music. Winner in May 2018 of the Global Music Award – Silver medal in the categories Contemporary Classical and Female Vocalist with the recording of the Symphony N. 4 Nezahualcoyotl Icuicahuan (Chants of Nezahualcoyotl) for soprano and orchestra by Juan Trigos (iTinerant 2016). She is known for her successful interpretations of works like Himnus ad Galli Cantum by Orbón, Lauda per la Nativitá del Signore by Respighi, Stravinsky’s Cantata; El Conejo y el Coyote by Rasgado, Cantatas No. 2 and 3 by Trigos, Comala and Comala Suite No. 2 by Zohn-Muldoon, Folk Songs by Berio,  Goethe lieder by  Dallapiccola and Terzina  by Castiglioni. By Juan Trigos, has been remarkable her participation as a guest soprano in the world premiere of the opera Ella-Miau (She-Meow), for soprano and ensemble, at the Greenwich House (New York) and the 40th Foro Internacional de Música Nueva “Manuel Enríquez” (Mexico City), with the ensemble Hypercube (2018). The world premiere of the song cycle Four Songs after Poems by Ezra Pound in New York and Washington DC (2018). The American premiere of the chamber version of the opera DeCachetitoRaspado by Juan Trigos at the Rialto Center for the Arts in Atlanta with Bent Frequency Ensemble (2015). The world premiere of the String Quartet II, with soprano, as special guest at the Eastman School of Music of Rochester, NY (2017). The world premier and recording for iTinerant of the works Symphony N. 4 Nezahualcoyotl Icuicahuan (Chants of Nezahualcoyotl) for soprano and orchestra, based on texts in Nahuatl by Nezahualcoyotl (Sinfónica de Oaxaca 2016) and Cantata Concertante No. 3 Phos Hilaron (Orquesta Sinfónica de Guanajuato 2013).

Catalina von Wrangell
Clarinetist & Composer
Documentarian of TLH Ensemble

Fusing a classical background with contemporary sound design practices and poetry, composer Catalina von Wrangell’s pieces address cultural and social issues through an intimate exploration of audience dynamics and interactions, reaffirming art as a reflection of society. Her works have been performed and exhibited throughout the United States, as well as in South America and Europe. As a performer, she has made appearance as a clarinetist, computer technician, and improvisor. Her music has been premiered by performers including the Friends of Rain Ensemble, the Nodus Ensemble, Mezzo Soprano Lisa Neher, and cellist Edder Rivera. She has been in residence at festivals such as the Atlantic Center for the Arts and the Cortona Session for New Music. She is an active member of the Miami community where she currently serves as a panelist for the Miami Department of Cultural Affairs community arts grant program. She is also the co-director of Cello-Sanct, a Miami based cello workshop for cellos of all shapes and sizes. She is the founder of Arts Optika, an arts advocacy agency officially launching in 2020, and is also a Board Member and Program Curator at the FETA Foundation (Foundation for Emerging Technologies and the Arts), where she works with arts entrepreneur and composer Juraj Kojs. As an instructor, Catalina’s pedagogy focuses on awakening students’ curiosity and personal connection to the music. She has taught music history, music business, and composition courses. Most recently, she taught the Frost School of Music’s Music Theory’s Experiential Music Curriculum since its inception. Currently, she is responsible for teaching the sight singing sequence at Florida International University.  Catalina holds a doctorate in Composition and an MM degree in Digital Arts and Sound Design from the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami, and an MM in Composition from Florida International University. She has studied with composers such as Charles N. Mason, Dorothy Hindman, Juraj Kojs, Lansing McLoskey, Orlando Jacinto Garcia, and Michael Johanson.